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Our Services at Support Coordination

What is NDIS support coordination

Working with Support Coordination Australia is like having a guide who helps you figure out how to use your NDIS plan to get the support and services you need.

We work with you to understand your goals and find the right providers and resources to help you achieve them.

We can also help you with paperwork, booking appointments, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

How can NDIS support coordination help?

Support coordinators will work with you and your family and carers to:

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Support coordinators help you to make the best use of your supports in your NDIS plan.

  • Understand and use your NDIS plan to pursue your goals.

  • Connect you with NDIS providers, community, mainstream and other government services.

  • Build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your supports.

Why you should choose SCA?

  • Your well-being and goals are our priority.

  • We believe in you and genuinely care about your needs.

  • Our main aim is to assist you in reaching your goals.

  • We offer support coordination for NDIS participants.

  • Our service is funded by the NDIS if you have Coordination of Support funding.

  • We help you connect with NDIS providers and plan how to use your funding.

  • Design a service plan for your specific support needs, where needed.

  • Address the barriers and understand what might impact your ability to access the supports.

  • Set up a process to overcome the barriers and challenges to achieve the goals.

Our points of difference

  •  We specialize in assisting participants with psychosocial diagnoses, SDA and SIL applications, and those from culturally diverse backgrounds.

  • Our service is available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Czech.

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