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Support Coordination Australia is an independent Support Coordination Company, we believe in building a supportive community for individuals dealing with special needs, be it physical, intellectual, psychosocial or sensory. We are here to support you to match with the right services providers and obtain the adequate plan budget that meets your needs

Important NDIS Updates: What You Need to Know

The Australian Government is making changes to the NDIS to ensure it works better for everyone. Here are some key updates:

  • New Rules for Spending: The NDIA is setting new rules for plan managers and support coordinators to help prevent running out of NDIS funds too early.

  • Controlling Costs: Efforts are being made to control the costs within the NDIS to keep the program sustainable.

  • Preventing Fraud: The NDIA is improving its systems to better detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

These changes may impact how your NDIS plan is managed. Our team at Support Coordination Australia is here to help you understand these updates and make sure your funding is used correctly.

For More NDIS related Information you can also visit website

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